HP Emulex OneConnect 10Gbps NIC (be3) initialization failed in Debian squeeze

28 Oct

Today I have a hard battle to get this 10Gbps Nic working on my HP 180 G6 Server.
After load some be2net drivers from emulex web page and from hp webpage, finally the one that made things work was:

You can check the driver you are using by launching this command

$modinfo be2net

Debian comes with an old version of this driver so you must download from emulex webpage:

Then with alien convert rpm to deb and install it, load by copying the resultant be2net.ko file in the path of the actual be2net.ko

$locate be2net.ko #check where kernel stores the driver of emulex
$dpkg -L be2net #check where the installation of the download driver stores the new driver
$mv /path/to/kernel/drivers/be2net.ko /hp_backup/drivers/be2net.ko.old
$copy /path/to/new/driver/be2net.ko /path/to/kernel/drivers/

reboot system

Enter Emulex OneConnect 10Gbps Menu from PXE by pressing Ctrl + P
Disable advanced support mode

Resume Debian 6 start of operation system
Your new card should have been loaded and initialized
Check the logical name with:

lshw -class network


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